Delta Green: æнæдзургæ

Heyo Armchair Adventurers Tyler here with a little behind the scenes for you all. We just released the first episode of Delta Green: æнæдзургæ today so here are the one shot notes that I made before I ran the game! They’re very brief as they were a general framework of what the interactions of the one shot would be, and if I do a write up of this and turn it into a full fledged one shot this is the bones of what I’ll use to do that. So I hope you enjoy, and get some cool ideas from what you see here!



Dungeons and Dragons Subclass: Path of the Glory Seeker

Hey all Tyler popping in again with another D&D homebrewed subclass for your home games. Let’s take a look at the Barbarian this time, and the Path of the Glory Seeker!

 Glory in bloodshed, honor in combat, these things call to you and they are what drive you. To find an opponent that can test you to your full abilities and for you to live to tell the tale is all that really matters. These individuals have been regaled through legends and lore, and you seek to take your place along side them. Able to fend off armies by themselves, or to engage in a battle so fierce the planes quake, that is the destiny that awaits you.

You get one cut

The thrill of finding a worthy foe excites you, and you need to test the mettle of anyone that challenges you. When you take this path if an attack that targets you hits, you take the damage, but you gain temporary hit points equal to half the damage and as a free action you can enter your rage. You gain temporary hit points once per enemy attacking you.


Honor and glory are important to you. If you spend a minute of regaling those around you of tales of glory from your ancestors. Willing creatures within 30 ft are inspired by these tales and the next time they attack they can add your STR modifier to their first attack roll and damage roll. Can only be used once per long rest.


Your lust for a glorious death in battle fuels your body beyond normal bounds. When in combat you gain temporary STR and AC equal to the number of enemy combatants within 5 feet of you. You can activate this ability as a bonus action. Useable once per long rest.

Today is a good day to die!

Fueled by tales of honor and glory you know not every battle can be won, but your allies don’t know that. When you see your allies overwhelmed you can stay behind to ensure their safety. On your turn, as an action you can activate this ability. Your speed becomes 0 if there is an enemy within 5 ft of you. You gain resistance to all types of damage for up to 1 minute. Allies within 10 ft of you can use Disengage as a reaction and move up to half their speed. Enemy combatants within 5 feet of you must make an INT saving throw (DC = 10 + strength modifier + your proficiency bonus) when this ability is activated or at the start of their turn. If they fail their speed becomes 0 and you become the target of their attack. If they succeed their speed is halved but can take their turn as normal. You cannot use this ability again for seven days after you have used it.



Dungeons and Dragons Subclass: College of the Graham Cracker

Hey all!

Just popping in here to give you all a little something else that Tyler has been working on. D&D subclasses! He had a dumb idea in his head for a Bard college, so he fleshed it out and is bringing it to you for your gaming pleasure!

The College of the Graham Cracker captures the senses and minds of those that dare breathe in the aromas it produces. Master bakers, and chefs pass their recipes and secrets along to those students willing to take up the apron. Trepidations are set at ease with one inhale of the confectionery delights that are available, and people far and wide feel their willpower crumble at the thought of sampling the delectable sweets these bards produce. Adventurers that call these bards their companions often don't regret it, for they are bolstered at the thought of a fine treat at the end of a difficult day.


As a master baker you gain proficiency with a baker's kit.

Sweets for my Sweet

As an action you expend one of your bardic inspirations and choose a spot within 30 ft of you to throw your bundle of pastries out. A number of living creatures that you choose up to your CHR must make a Wisdom saving throw. If they can be charmed they must move on their turn toward the spot and spend their action eating the pastries on a failure.

Smells like Cookies

You have been working with sweets for so long they are a part of your natural essence. When interacting with other creatures you can gain advantage on any CHR based skill check once per long rest

A Baker's Dozen

You become such a master of baking your talents can influence those around you. Once per long rest you can bake tremendous sweets for up to eight of your allies. If they consume them they are filled with the kindness and love you put into your baking. They gain temporary hit points equal to 2x your CHR modifier and they have advantage on saving throws versus fear effects.



Saturday Morning Special

Hey Armchair Adventurers, Tyler here!

With the amount of one page RPG’s out there I decided to try my hand at it , but I wanted it to be different enough to something interesting to people. So I thought long and hard about it, and since I was a child of the 80’s & 90’s I grew up with cartoons that loved inserting PSA’s into them while also peddling toy lines and that’s when I knew what I had to do. So I give to you Saturday Morning Special a single page RPG of my own design to evoke the feel of those Saturday morning cartoons of yesteryear, so head on over to

and feel free to share and play with your group!



Delta Green: Sunset of the Black Dream

Hey Armchair Adventurers!

Tyler here again, and this time we are into our second episode of Delta Green: Sunset of the Black Dream.

So, because of that I am releasing my game notes for this one shot. All of that can be found here:

First and foremost I will direct your attention to the warning at the top page. If you plan on running this make sure to not share this with your players. As this entire one shot is based on the premise of subversion. This is not a traditional Delta Green game. This works on the player and the player character’s preconceived notions of what a Delta Green game and mission are. This isn’t meant to be cruel, it’s meant to be reflective of the dangers of work environment and the necessity of counselling when faced with traumatic events.

As you will notice there are no signs of the mythos at all in this game. I specifically wanted a game where events could happen, and an organization that is trained to be hyper vigilant for things that go bump in the night and have encountered things that go bump, to send in people that are looking for that when it doesn’t exist. It was too hard not to resist when the Black Sarcophagus was found and everyone that is keyed in to Cthulhu mythos type things to not make a home game out of it.

A side note as well is that Chuck and I have spoken about making this a tie in to the Delta Green operation The Fall of Delta Green, so that added an extra twist for me. What if there were outside forces that knew about Delta Green and wanted them to purposely fail so that they could be exposed. What if an operation went so bad that Delta Green had to be forced out into the spot light? That also added an extra twist to throw in.

All in all, I hope you enjoy hearing how the rest of this story plays out, as I had an amazing time running it, and I hope my players enjoyed it as well even if there was no “big bad” to fight in the end.




Hey Armchair Adventurers!

Tyler here with a new feature that has been teased a little bit, called Armchair Adventures. This is where I, and some of the other Adventurers will be putting down their game notes to give you all a little behind the scenes peak on how we write and run our games.

Wonder how we as Game Runners act and react? I personally can’t speak for the other Adventurers, but for myself a lot of it is off the cuff. Things I have down in stone I try to hit upon, but I have time and time again been surprised by how my PC’s will react to the story and go a different direction entirely. That in turn has changed my perspective on how I run games, I will guide my players toward my end goal but in the end it is always up to them to reach it and how they reach it in.

So, that’s where the Armchair Adventures comes in at. It’s a place for you as the viewer to watch along and see where our ideas don’t always meet reality, and players conceptions don’t always meet expectations, but more of a middle ground where we can tell some amazing stories. I hope you enjoy!