Hey Armchair Adventurers!

Tyler here with a new feature that has been teased a little bit, called Armchair Adventures. This is where I, and some of the other Adventurers will be putting down their game notes to give you all a little behind the scenes peak on how we write and run our games.

Wonder how we as Game Runners act and react? I personally can’t speak for the other Adventurers, but for myself a lot of it is off the cuff. Things I have down in stone I try to hit upon, but I have time and time again been surprised by how my PC’s will react to the story and go a different direction entirely. That in turn has changed my perspective on how I run games, I will guide my players toward my end goal but in the end it is always up to them to reach it and how they reach it in.

So, that’s where the Armchair Adventures comes in at. It’s a place for you as the viewer to watch along and see where our ideas don’t always meet reality, and players conceptions don’t always meet expectations, but more of a middle ground where we can tell some amazing stories. I hope you enjoy!