Hey Armchair Adventurers!

Tyler here again, and this time we are into our second episode of Delta Green: Sunset of the Black Dream.

So, because of that I am releasing my game notes for this one shot. All of that can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ei_SPf4PVDTxF36IgbSS_ngla89n_xwCtQ2hFDDDWfs/edit?usp=sharing

First and foremost I will direct your attention to the warning at the top page. If you plan on running this make sure to not share this with your players. As this entire one shot is based on the premise of subversion. This is not a traditional Delta Green game. This works on the player and the player character’s preconceived notions of what a Delta Green game and mission are. This isn’t meant to be cruel, it’s meant to be reflective of the dangers of work environment and the necessity of counselling when faced with traumatic events.

As you will notice there are no signs of the mythos at all in this game. I specifically wanted a game where events could happen, and an organization that is trained to be hyper vigilant for things that go bump in the night and have encountered things that go bump, to send in people that are looking for that when it doesn’t exist. It was too hard not to resist when the Black Sarcophagus was found and everyone that is keyed in to Cthulhu mythos type things to not make a home game out of it.

A side note as well is that Chuck and I have spoken about making this a tie in to the Delta Green operation The Fall of Delta Green, so that added an extra twist for me. What if there were outside forces that knew about Delta Green and wanted them to purposely fail so that they could be exposed. What if an operation went so bad that Delta Green had to be forced out into the spot light? That also added an extra twist to throw in.

All in all, I hope you enjoy hearing how the rest of this story plays out, as I had an amazing time running it, and I hope my players enjoyed it as well even if there was no “big bad” to fight in the end.