Hey all!

Just popping in here to give you all a little something else that Tyler has been working on. D&D subclasses! He had a dumb idea in his head for a Bard college, so he fleshed it out and is bringing it to you for your gaming pleasure!

The College of the Graham Cracker captures the senses and minds of those that dare breathe in the aromas it produces. Master bakers, and chefs pass their recipes and secrets along to those students willing to take up the apron. Trepidations are set at ease with one inhale of the confectionery delights that are available, and people far and wide feel their willpower crumble at the thought of sampling the delectable sweets these bards produce. Adventurers that call these bards their companions often don't regret it, for they are bolstered at the thought of a fine treat at the end of a difficult day.


As a master baker you gain proficiency with a baker's kit.

Sweets for my Sweet

As an action you expend one of your bardic inspirations and choose a spot within 30 ft of you to throw your bundle of pastries out. A number of living creatures that you choose up to your CHR must make a Wisdom saving throw. If they can be charmed they must move on their turn toward the spot and spend their action eating the pastries on a failure.

Smells like Cookies

You have been working with sweets for so long they are a part of your natural essence. When interacting with other creatures you can gain advantage on any CHR based skill check once per long rest

A Baker's Dozen

You become such a master of baking your talents can influence those around you. Once per long rest you can bake tremendous sweets for up to eight of your allies. If they consume them they are filled with the kindness and love you put into your baking. They gain temporary hit points equal to 2x your CHR modifier and they have advantage on saving throws versus fear effects.