Hey all Tyler popping in again with another D&D homebrewed subclass for your home games. Let’s take a look at the Barbarian this time, and the Path of the Glory Seeker!

 Glory in bloodshed, honor in combat, these things call to you and they are what drive you. To find an opponent that can test you to your full abilities and for you to live to tell the tale is all that really matters. These individuals have been regaled through legends and lore, and you seek to take your place along side them. Able to fend off armies by themselves, or to engage in a battle so fierce the planes quake, that is the destiny that awaits you.

You get one cut

The thrill of finding a worthy foe excites you, and you need to test the mettle of anyone that challenges you. When you take this path if an attack that targets you hits, you take the damage, but you gain temporary hit points equal to half the damage and as a free action you can enter your rage. You gain temporary hit points once per enemy attacking you.


Honor and glory are important to you. If you spend a minute of regaling those around you of tales of glory from your ancestors. Willing creatures within 30 ft are inspired by these tales and the next time they attack they can add your STR modifier to their first attack roll and damage roll. Can only be used once per long rest.


Your lust for a glorious death in battle fuels your body beyond normal bounds. When in combat you gain temporary STR and AC equal to the number of enemy combatants within 5 feet of you. You can activate this ability as a bonus action. Useable once per long rest.

Today is a good day to die!

Fueled by tales of honor and glory you know not every battle can be won, but your allies don’t know that. When you see your allies overwhelmed you can stay behind to ensure their safety. On your turn, as an action you can activate this ability. Your speed becomes 0 if there is an enemy within 5 ft of you. You gain resistance to all types of damage for up to 1 minute. Allies within 10 ft of you can use Disengage as a reaction and move up to half their speed. Enemy combatants within 5 feet of you must make an INT saving throw (DC = 10 + strength modifier + your proficiency bonus) when this ability is activated or at the start of their turn. If they fail their speed becomes 0 and you become the target of their attack. If they succeed their speed is halved but can take their turn as normal. You cannot use this ability again for seven days after you have used it.