Bonnie Phillips

The Armchair Adventurers first dive in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. Join Redwater, Brevik and Firmus as they are hired by Gundren Rockseeker to help uncover the mysteries of Wave Echo Cave!

A follow up campaign to the Lost Mine of Phandelver the Adventurers take on the evil Cult of the Dragon, who are bend on the destruction of the Sword Coast. Will Redwater, Brevik, Quarli, Peren and Valian succeed or will Tiamit rule the Sword Coast?

Ann Hill


Chuck takes the DM seat as we start our third campaign in the Forgotten Realms. Victus, Magnus, LD, Sindri and Barackas try to figure what is causing the Giant’s recent attacks on the sword coast…


Dragon’s Promise

Fifth Edition

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


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