Our Heroes

Stürgar Redwater

Stürgar was born amongst the Goliath Mountain Clans of the North. When he was in his mid-twenties, a war broke out with the orcs and goblins of the plains arrayed against the dwarves and humans of the foothills. Stürgar served under the dwarf Buroin Rockseeker, Gurden’s cousin. After the war, Buroin gave Stürgar the nickname Redwater when he single-handedly defeated a group of orcs at the Bellwater stream, turning the water red with their blood. Buroin also told Stürgar that if he ever needed work or had the adventuring itch to seek out his cousin, who would definitely have work for a fighter like him. Stürgar took a few more security and caravan guarding jobs before signing on for Gurden’s venture.


Is known by the Rockseekers for using his abilities to find the best mineral veins that will not damage the environment. While the dwarves do not like the slow going that Firmis has insisted upon they cannot argue with the goodwill the clan has gained with the local villagers. In turn for not having to deal with run off form the mining of the dwarves the villagers have repaid the dwarves with better trade deals.


Brevik, who’s real name is Fjalar, is from a far Northern barbarian tribes. His father (who is now a famous dragon slayer) was one of the great heroes of his tribe, who Fjalar could never live up to. After failing his coming of age trial, Fjalar changed his name and set off into the work to make an name of his own, Brevik!