Our Heroes


Magnus the Barelegged

Magnus grew up in a small dwarvish mining community in the wilds surrounding Icewind Dale. A fairly poor community, Magnus had to help out wherever he could including the surrounding farmlands. Quick to anger Magnus took out his aggression on the surrounding small bands of orcs. After one too many times they gathered into a force and tried to destroy Magnus’ village. Speeding along before them he helped defend his village from the orcish host. Their blood however poisoned the land unbeknownst to the dwarves of the village, and shortly there after a plague took the village by storm. Most of the dwarves didn’t survive, Magnus’ parents among them. Left alone, he took solace where he could. Drinking, and fighting any orcs left alive. When the drink ran out Magnus took to learning to brew until the supplies ran out. When they did he traveled into Icewind Dale, receiving much praise for his brew but little support because the Northerners are a suspicious lot they pointed Magnus south. Filling his head with the hopes of opening a brewery. His travels took him far and wide, until he eventually made his way to Elturel. Pleading with the city council, and with the help of Sir Victus he was able to establish a small brewery in the city. Victus, seeing his prowess in a fight and needing help asked Magnus for assistance frequently until they made their way to Neverwinter.



An average man touched by the Devil. Barrakas lived a regular life but was called to something greater.

Ser Victus Enterious

A knight of Elturl and member of the Order of the Gauntlet Victus has spent his life spreading the Justice of Torm. Born as Aasimar, Victus was given the best training by High Observer of Elturgard. After a distinguished military career and helping a very pungent dwarf get this business off the ground he decided it was time to travel the realms and bring the justice of Torm to all.

Sindri Nackle Raincloud

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