Our Heroes



Rani was a high level courtier, favored of the future Queen, but somewhat politically naive. As a threat to other people's standing, her magic knowledge was used against her by the passage of a law forbidding spell use by members of the court.  Rather than fighting it, she simply decided to use the opportunity to travel the world, intent on eventually returning, likely after she forgets the law even exists


Whisper grew up in a small quiet flock along the Sword Coast. They tended to keep to themselves mostly, and never wandered far from home. Whisper grew up learning how to speak from her parents, but she always wanted to communicate with her own voice. Learning the legend of the Kenku, Whisper grew angry at the god that cursed her people and made up her mind to steal the voice of a god so she could have her very own voice. Not knowing how to do that, and having the spark of wisdom taken from her people so very long ago, Whisper was caught trying to steal a statue of one of the gods her flock worshiped. A serious crime in her flock, she was punished and her execution was carried out. She had wooden wings strapped to her arms, and she was led to the tallest peak overlooking the Sea of Swords where she was thrown out into the blue. Barely surviving this Whisper continued her quest to steal a voice of her own.


Book was raised and trained on a mountain monastery that was once home to an ancient Dragon. His wise and venerated master was slowly corrupted by an ancient artifact deep inside the mountain. While Book was away something in his master snapped and monastic order as slaughtered. Upon his return Book set out to find out what happened to his order and take revenge on his former master.


Tentes was born Reed Tosscobble in a small village called Meadow Ridge outside the Amn town of Purskul. Reed had a normal upbringing for the area, learning to farm and trade with his family. When Reed was 15, a hag settled near the village and summoned a plague that struck Meadow Ridge, eventually claiming the lives of his parents. Reed himself became ill and uttered a simple prayer for someone to heal the other villagers and ease their suffering. A Trumpet Archon of Mystra answered his prayer, but made him give up his name and his home in return. Reed was given the name Tentes along with the power to heal others and deliver righteous wrath to the deserving