Armchair Admirals Chuck and Andrew return for Episode 24: The Assault Loveboat.  In this episode Chuck and Andrew break down their Star Wars Armada regionals plans, where they are going and what they expect to face when they get there.  Along with a few tips on how to survive the day.  Next we take a look at Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing preview Indiscriminate Devastation.  You’ll hear first hand Chuck’s obsession with this ship.  Next in From the Bunker, we break down the two vehicles that are coming in Legion’s core set.  The AT-RT and the 74-Z Speeder Bike.  Finally in Parting shots we discuss the Minefields objective from Star wars Armada, it’s an explosive discussion.  Flip that brace token the Admirals have launched.

Giga-Bites Star Wars Armada Regional Event:


State of Armada: 7m 43s

News X-Wing preview: 24m 12s

From the Bunker: 40m 37s

Parting Shots: 51m 9s

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