Armchair Admirals Chuck and Andrew are back for Episode 25: V stands for Victory!  In State of Armada the Admirals discuss the Victory Star Destroyer and how it’s performing on the tournament scene.  Can Chuck be convinced of it’s awesomeness?  Next they cover the major points in the recent X-Wing FAQ, RIP Biggs.  Then they discuss Fantasy Flight Games recent spoiler “Bullseye!” and give their not so favorable opinions of the M12-L fighter.  In From the Bunker they cover vehicle upgrades from the Star Wars Legion core set, everyone is getting pretty excited for this game to drop.  Finally in Parting shots the Admirals talk about Star Wars Armada’s Blockade Run objective and give you their opinions on it.  Flip that brace token the Admirals are ready to launch!


State of Armada: 9:20

News: 23:45

From the Bunker: 53:00

Parting Shots: 1:02:00


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