The Admirals are back from their first regional of the season and they are ready to break it down for you in Armchair Admirals 27 Regional Firepower.  In The State of Armada the Admirals discuss their experience at the Fargo Armada regional.  Chuck and Andrew talk about their day, caution we do break down some games.  We give insight on what we thought we’d see vs what was there and how the former champ played.  In the news this week we talk about the Fantasy Flight Games interview with Josiah Burkhardsmeier.  Admiral Thrawn is in good hands here.  Next in From the Bunker we discuss FFG’s article Orders from High Command and give our thoughts on command cards, spoilers we are super excited for this game.  Finally in parting shots we talk about strategic and how Chuck got owned by it in Fargo. The Admirals end on a programing change so Flip that Brace token the Admirals have launched.


State of Armada- 3:40


From the Bunker-49:25

Parting Shots- 53:00


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