Admirals Chuck and Andrew return for the Armchair Admirals 30: Powerful Ordnance.  In this episode Chuck and Andrew cover the Mississippi Regional results… another 2+3 win?  In news Fantasy Flight games has gifted us two previews for Star Wars Armada Wave 7.  They dive into the awesome Ordnance carrier that the MC75 is looking to be and we also get our first look at the Gauntlet Fighter… Raid tokens anyone?  In Battlestations they discuss General Dodonna and how he’s still amazing all these waves later… hint it’s the beard.  Next in From the Bunker they talk about FFG’s recent Legion Articles Battlefield Recon and Massive Destruction!  The AT-ST is shaping up to be a beast on the battlefield.  Finally in Parting Shots they talk about a possible killer combo for Commander Sato, the MC75 plus Wide Area Barrage.  Chuck thinks this could make Sato great, maybe.  Flip that Brace token the Admirals have launched.


State of Armada: 4:50

News: 14:20

Battlestations: 36:47

From the Bunker: 41:51

Parting shots: 55:55


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