Chuck and Andrew return for Armchair Admirals 29, The FAQ Awakens.  In this episode Chuck and Andrew discuss the top for lists from the Star Wars Armada Missouri Regionals, Congrats the Omaha group for grabbing 3 of the top 4 spots.  Next we break down the recent FAQ drop for Armada and cover what you need to know, up Sloane is still really good.  Next in Battlestations we discuss Moff Jerjerrod, how to play him and how to maybe beat him, let's face it he’s amazing.  In From the Bunker we discuss the latest Fantasy Flight Game spoilers from Star Wars Legion, General Veers and Snowtroopers.  Yeah Andrew can’t wait for these to drop.  Finally in Parting Shots we discuss what we think Wave 7 will do for the Star Wars Armada meta, We see Star Destroyers in your future.  Flip that Brace token the Admirals have Launched!!


State of Armada: 8:15

News(FAQ): 29:30

Battlestations: 43:45

From the Bunker: 50:30

Parting shots: 105:35


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