Admirals Chuck and Andrew return for the Armchair Admirals 31: Raddus Bomb.  In this episode the Admirals say goodbye to the Wave 6 meta by talking about their fondest memories of good old days fishing with Akbar.  Next they discuss the all the rest of the cards we are getting from Wave 7, thanks to Crabbok for dropping the spoiler videos.  Next in Battlestations we talk more Wave 7, what’s better Dual ISD or Dual MC75, hint Triangles rule.  Next in From the Bunker we talk about the latest Star Wars Legion Spoilers, Leia and Fleet Troopers, shotguns!  FInally in parting shots we go over when to measure cardboard to cardboard and plastic to plastic, it’s riveting.  Flip that Brace token the Admirals have Launched!

State of Armada: 11:00

News: 22:50

Battlestations: 55:01

From the Bunker: 57:56

Parting shots: 1:08:02


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