Admirals Chuck and Andrew return for the Armchair Admirals 32: Sato Wins! Sato Wins!!  In this episode the Admirals celebrate the victory of the Great Commander Jun Sato in the Calgary Regional!  They also discuss the winning lists at all the latest regionals.  It’s quite a mix and we like it.  In Battlestations they talk about the Raddus Bomb, what you should know and how you can defend against it, Raddus likes to fight!  In our final from the Bunker we talk about FFG’s Star Wars Legion launch plans and organized play.  In Parting Shots they talk about whether flotillas should count when tabling an opponent, both Admirals have strong opinions on this one.  Flip that brace token the Admirals have launched.

State of Armada: 9:00

Battlestations: 42:00

From the Bunker: 49:30

Parting shots: 55:30

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