Armchair Admirals Chuck and Andrew return for episode 33: Relay This.  In this episode Andrew and Chuck review their experience at the Bellevue NE Star Wars Armada regional.  Did Chuck’s battle plan pay off or was his dreams crushed?  Next the Admirals go over the winning lists from the other recent regionals and give credit where it’s due.  In Battlestations they discuss some more Wave 7, what they think is great and what they think needs to go in the trash compactor.  Finally in parting shots they go over the Relay keyword.  Is this OP or should we leave it it alone?  The Admirals give opinions and possible fixes they’d like to see.  Flip that brace token the Admirals have launched.

State of Armada: 4:00

Battlestations: 47:16

Parting shots: 1:00:30

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