Armchair Admirals Episode 16: Scurrg is the Word!

  The Admirals are back to Cry Havoc, and to let everyone know Scurrg is the Word for Episode 16.  In this episode the Admirals are joined by Moff Nathan as we discuss the recent Armada store championship we participated in.  They also discuss Cry Havoc, the most recent spoiler for X-Wing.  Chuck is already waiting in line to buy 5 of these things.  Finally we introduce a new segment, Parting Shots. This is where we sit down and discuss rules in Star Wars Armada, this week Obstructed shots.   Flip that brace token the Admirals have just launched!

picture from Fantasy Flight Games

Armchair Admirals Episode 14

  The Admirals are back and they brought reinforcements.  In this episode the Famous Nathan Skadson and always Amazing Travis joins the Admirals as they discuss their tournament preparations for Star Wars Armada. We dive deep into the Heart of the Empire announcement for Imperial Assault, and Chuck reveals his secret love for Emperor Palpatine.  Finally we cover the spoilers from FFG’s “Play the Aggressor X-Wing spoilers.”  These aren’t the Ties Andrew was hoping for.

picture from Fantasy Flight Games