About Us


About Us


First time podcaster, several time writer?

I've spent most of my time writing various settings for my friends' entertainment.  It's those stories, and the ones that my friends tell that drove me to create a podcast.  I hope you enjoy.


Scholar.  Healer.  Assassin.

I enjoy a good level up mechanic, but nothing beats a good story.  When I'm not working or gaming (tabletop or otherwise), I enjoy cooking and reading from any genre.  I have three freckles on my knee that form an equilateral triangle.

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Admiral.  Rules lawyer. Pizza eater.


I’m a big Star Wars miniatures fan and always side with the rightful rulers of a galaxy far far away, Glory to the Empire!  Besides my obsession with Star Wars I love fantasy RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Song of Fire and Ice and many more. Did I mention Star wars...

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Admiral, Painter, Renaissance Man

Chuck goes by many names. Lando, that guy, Big Joe, etc. A master tactician, excellent roleplayer, and adorer of mini figs Chuck brings a lot to the table (foam or otherwise). Almost always down to play in a game, he knows a thing or two about the tabletop world, just don't let him fool you otherwise.