This time we sit down and roll the dice with a game that we all enjoy.  It was a celebrating weekend, and some of us (myself especially) partook of some liquors for...most of the day.  Fiasco by Bully Pulpit Games is a game that booze almost always makes better.  It is an improv lite RPG where you pick your scenario and fumble your way through situations.  It is designed to be along the lines of Cohen Brothers movies, and others of that genre.  Sit down with us as we add some new players to the table and show the truly dark side of heroes in, Fiasco: With Great Power!  A forewarning, this is a very adult podcast.  There is liquor, cursing, terribleness, and extremely inappropriate humor...we hope you enjoy!

    After this the updating schedule will be once a week, just a heads up on that.  I don't want to burn through my catalog all at once now.

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Artist: Máscaras

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