We sit down to play Eclipse Phase with Travis, Celesta, and Sean again as they barely escaped the martian labs with both their lives and sanity in tact.  As they start to research their spoils and take some much needed downtime a figure from their past interrupts, and the game is afoot.  With the Firewall agents safe house compromised where will they go and what will they do to escape?  Who is the mysterious figure known as Mistral and what does he want with Cid?  Put us in your earholes to find out!

    Also since Travis needed to be jam-master again this time I've decided to just link the songs here.  Hey-ya by OutKast can be found on youtube, and Hey-ya by The Blanks can be found on youtube as well.

Intro music can be found at freemusicarchive.org

Artist: Ketsa
Song title: Sorrow the Sun
Album: Universal Law