Hello and welcome!  It is with some trepidation that I bring to you this podcast.  The reasoning behind that, is that I am putting myself out there in a big way.  Granted I'm doing that with the other parts of the podcast, but this is a bit different.  This is more personal.  First of all, this isn't a normal podcast.  This is a project I decided to work on, on my spare time.  See last year I wrote a book.  The process for getting a finished book to print is a long and expensive one.  One of the things that publishers look for is self promotion.  So I bring this podcast to you with my own self interests in mind.  I want to have something down the road that I can point to and say "Here!  Look!"  Hopefully you all will enjoy the story I am trying to tell, and will let me know.  Anyway, I digress I'll be releasing these in half hour increments I think every Thursday for you dear listener.  Without further ado I bring to you Witch Hunt!

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