Thar be dragons!

    The way that Travis and I have done the podcasts is a little out of order.  So this is our first ever recording, now we might be rehashing some things that we've talked about before but please stick with us.  Travis and I sit down to bring you the end to the beginning adventure path of the Rise of the Runelords set for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.  As the perils of the lost coast deepen, our heroes find themselves at the end their journey in a small town.  The terrible dragon Blackfang has preyed upon the local townsfolk long enough, and the townsfolk have tasked the heroes with eliminating this menace.  Will they be able to prevail?!  Sit down with us and find out!

Intro music provided by

Artist: Harsanyi Laszlo  
Song name: She must burn  
Album: Witchcraft