When we last left Michael things were not going so well in his life.  His father was an abusive alcoholic, he was without friends in his school, and he was the frequent target of several students.  After seeing the creature again, he found himself with something unique.  He could hear music all around him.  The songs of nature itself.  It finally came to the fore when Michael was being chased and was forced to use his new found power on his pursuers.  After putting a tormentor in the hospital Michael regressed inward, even backing away from a friendly gesture of two sympathizers that simply wanted to talk.  As Michael fled and hid, he found that the world was not as cold as he had thought it to be.  Realizing he needed help with his ability he sought out a person that could do something about it.  Find out where Michael's path in life takes him to on this installment of Witch Hunt!