Better Angels by Arc Dream Publishing is a Role Playing Game using the one roll engine.  I've listened to some actual plays using this system, and thought of a setting that would be interesting to play around in.  We join Celesta, Travis, and Trista as Elsa, Rupert, and Thursday during the 1700's in the Caribbean.  An unfortunate twist of fate brings about an unexpected change in their lives.  Now burdened with supernatural powers they set about trying to understand why they were cursed with the demon's touch.  This is the first episode and first session for playing Better Angels, so we will and do get things wrong.  We do not know nautical terms, so there's that.  Also, first session with the rules so we do get some of the rules wrong which are corrected in the next session.

Intro music provided by

Artist: La IneĢdita
Track:  Fayah
Album: Live on WFMU's Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg: April 4, 2015