Well...I teased it, so I guess it had to happen.  We sat down to try the Dungeons and Dragons 5e starter box, and it's been nothing but a fun ride since then.  The starter set is for first time roleplayers as well as first timers switching editions of Dungeons and Dragons.  It gives players as well as game masters a taste of what the new rule sets, classes, as well as what racial abilities are and throws them into a pre-generated adventure.  Like the start of any epic tale it begins on the road.  We come in on our starting heroes as they are escorting their employer's goods on the road to Phandalin.  Andrew is running the game this time so let's sit down and see what happens!

Intro music provided by freemusicarchive.org

Artist: Laszlo Harsani
Track: To the Oars, for the Plunder!
Album: Viking Fury