We sit down to play the End of the World RPG from Fantasy Flight Games!  Christine, Kat, Matt, and Tyler found themselves up in Northern South Dakota after escaping the city of Sioux Falls.  Having lost several family members to a freak outbreak they thought themselves safe, that was until E.D.E.N. found them and kidnapped some of their family.  After losing so much, they are determined to make their way south to get back those that were taken.  We find that Andrew survived the apocalypse, but his family was taken as well.  Now rejoined Andrew, Matt, and Tyler find purpose in finding out where their families were taken and just who E.D.E.N. is.  Join us today as we sit down to play the End of the World RPG!

Intro music provided by freemusicarchive.org

Artist: Kai Engel

Song Title: Sopor

Album: ICD-10