Dungeons and Dragons Starter box episode 2!

    We sit down to continue our journey into the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth edition  starter set.  We last left our heroes of Brevik, Firmus, and Redwater as they just found Sildar Hallwinter, the guard to the party that set out before them.  As they journeyed back to town Sildar informed our heroes about goblins ambushing them and taking their dwarven friend.  He also informed the heroes that Phadelvin itself was due to be cleaned up, and that he represented an interested party willing to spend the resources to clean up the town.  Commisioning the heroes to help him on his quest of gentrification the hereos are set about finding the Red Brand gang and removing them from the sleepy little town.  Join us as we continue our journey!

Intro music provided by freemusicarchive.org

Artist: Laszlo Harsani

Track: To the Oars, for the Plunder!

Album: Viking Fury