Something is happening in the small town of Boise City, Oklahoma.  Livestock and people are becoming sick and no cure can be found.  Dust storms are becoming more frequent, and there is the odd sightings of a mysterious old woman with a dog at her side in the country side.  Delta Green has tasked with Marco Degallo and Gracie Hart to investigate a possible vector, and to contain the illness by all means possible.  Inspiration for this homebrewed setting is from the Anomaly Creepypasta story Charlie Noonan's Last Interview.  Delta Green is a Roleplaying system that takes place in the Cthulhu Mythos universe, where the organization was born out of the raid on Innsmouth, Massachusetts in 1928.  Delta Green agents have been fighting against the mythos since that time and has undergone multiple reorganizations over the years, sometimes staying in the light, sometimes being an illegal conspiracy.  Delta Green is published by Arc Dream.  

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Artist: Audiobinger  
Song name: I'm a Savage  
Album: Eye of the Beholder