We sit down to play the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords.  We continue the journey of Lem and his charismatic nature has attracted yet another adventurer to his cause!  Sajan the monk has taken up the fight with the joyful bard after the defeat of the Skinsaw Man!  The villain revealed his ties to the evil cult of Norgorber that has taken hold in the city of Magnimar!  It's up to these two heroes to put an end to the dangers these fanatics represent!

    As they wipe their hands clean of the cult of Norgorber, the heroes come to understand that someone other than Justice Ironbriar was in control the entire time!  The crazed fanatic let loose from his lips the name of Xanesha.  The heroes stalk the streets for this mysterious "angel" in the hopes that they can put an end to her before she strikes again!

Intro music provided by freemusicarchive.org

Artist: Harsanyi Laszlo  
Song name: She must burn  
Album: Witchcraft