The Birthday Boardgame Bash happened over a month ago now, but Travis and I learned about Luchador!  Way of the Mask from Gencon 2015.  Since then we have been hankering to play it, and that weekend provided an ample opportunity for us to sit down and play it.  Luchador is just as it sounds, you play as luchadors as they go through their day to day lives which can range from stopping alien invasions...or just stopping some goblins.  Travis adapted the DnD 5e starter box to the Luchador system, and ran it for us and I think you can hear for yourself what a great time we had.  Sit down with us today as we play Luchador!  The Lost Mine of Fanboynerds!

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Artist: Radio Jarocho and Zenen Zeferi

Title: Coco

Album: Live at WFMU on Transpacific S