The Admirals are back and ready to serve Armchair Admirals 26: An Admirals Thanksgiving.  In this episode Andrew and Chuck take turns talking about what they are thankful for in the game of Armada, Andrew is most thankful for Chuck’s red dice.  In the news this week we are given another gift to be thankful for, the Imperial Assault app is on it’s way!  We also discuss X-Wing’s Phantom 2 spoilers and scratch our head why Fenn Rau is in this.  In From the Bunker we talk about the awesomeness that is Legion’s T-47 Airspeeder and finally in Parting Shots we talk about Corellian Conflict’s show of force objective.  Flip that brace token the Admirals have launched.


State of Armada: 5:56

News: 13:35

From the Bunker: 27:10

Parting Shots: 31:10


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