It's been a few years since the adventures of Korn and Petre. We next find them on the shores of Vasos as King Cassius Picwood has called in favors and not just of them. Other heroes have joined the cause to help the good halfling king discover why his grain shipments have been going missing. The town of Vit has not been heard of and the King cannot send reinforcements due to other dealings in his realm. What will they find? Let's discover that today as we sit down to play Dungeon World!

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Music used in the episode:

Intro music: Artist: Evgeny Teilor Song title: Unveiling Soul Album: Appearances

25:22 Artist: Ketsa Song title: torched Album: Refraction

45:30 Artist: Ketsa Song title: difference in a day Album: Refraction

51:20 & 01:49:12 Artist: Kai Engle Song title: Nothing (Bonus Track) Album: Chapter One/Cold

01:09:16 & 01:39:48 Artist: David_Szesztay Song title: Crime Story Album: Acoustic Guitar

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