Hey Armchair Adventurers, recently Eclipse Phase ran a kickstarter for second edition.  While we didn't jump on that train, they did release some quick start rules for it.  So, Tyler decided to run a game using the 2.0 rule set.

  Pax Familae, the criminal organization made up of Claudia Ambelina, is going through some changes.  These changes could shake the very core of the system, so Firewall is needing an erasure squad to go in and to make sure nothing gets out of hand.  Will four Firewall sentinels be able to withstand the might of the Pax?  Find out today as we sit down to play Eclipse Phase 2.0!

Intro music provided by freemusicarchive.org 

Artist: Ketsa 

Song: Sorrow the Sun

Album: Universal Law

Episode Image can be found at: http://sentinellefirewall.blogspot.com/