One Shot Wednesday's wraps up Delta Green: Thrill of the Hunt! Our agents have tracked the bloody swath that has been cut through Gainesville, Florida. After deciding to confront Sergio Bellomo, the high powered attorney that was representing various members of The Crew, to get further information, our agents discovered that Bellomo had been killed. The killer wasn't far off however, and they gave pursuit. Losing the invisible monstrosity in the forest that weaves through Gainesville, they scrambled a drone and were able to discover that the creature was inhabiting the body of Detective Kohler. Now with the burden of proof on their side, as well as the special access program's resources, the agents are on their way to confront Kohler in the hopes that they can wrest the statue away from him and return it to Mama Nephertarie.

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Artist: Audiobinger
Song name: I'm a Savage
Album: Eye of the Beholder