Our heroes have made it to Vit, but not all is as well as it seems. The town is sparsely populated with men, and anyone that has journeyed South has not come back. To make matters worse, the undead start besieging the town! Will our heroes make it out alive, and who is the strange figure that is able to control the undead horde with ease? Find out today as we sit down to play Dungeon World: Chapter 1!

Episode image can be found at: https://tyleredlinart.deviantart.com/art/Fatecraft-rural-town-tile-413163196

Music can be found at freemusicarchive.org

Intro music:

Artist: Evgeny Teilor Song title: Unveiling Soul Album: Appearances


Music Queue at 02:11:

Song title, Gardarike

Artist name, Tri-Tachyon

Album, The Warbird EP


Music Queue at 42:32:

Song title, Silence

Artist, Borrtex

Album, Courage