One Shot Wednesday End of the World: Nature's Wrath part 1!

 It's time for our End of the World game! That magical time of year where Travis pops his head out, doesn't see his shadow, which means he runs a game for us! The town of Sioux Falls seems to have a normal morning like any other day...well...almost. Plant growth seems to be on a steady rise for this time of year which is strange. The animals are acting a little odd too, more dogs seem to be out, and the birds almost seem to be watching people. What could be going on?! Join us as we attempt to find out today!

Intro music can be found at freemusicarchive.org

Song: Sopor
Artist: Kai Engle
Album: ICD-10

An end to it all!

A very special episode!  We sit down on All Hallow's Eve to sit down at a table...playing ourselves sitting down playing an RPG?  That's the premise of The End of the World RPG from Fantasy Flight Games.  Travis picked up a copy at Gencon this year and thought that it would be a perfect game to run on Halloween night.  Will all of us make it out alive?!  Join us and find out as we try out this very new RPG for the first time!

Intro music provided by freemusicarchive.org

Artist: Kai Engel

Song Title: Sopor

Album: ICD-10