English Eerie

OSW English Eerie The Beast on the Moor Part 3

 Tyler is back with another episode of English Eerie for One Shot Wednesday. Things are not looking so hot for Mr. Hess as Lord Cunningham still can not be found, and more and more strange things are occuring in the moors surrounding Rowsley. Will Mr. Hess find out who killed Mr. Douglas? Find out today!

OSW English Eerie: The Beast on the Moor Episode 2

 Things are not going Mr. Hess' way. As he delves further into the goings on of his old companion Lord Cunningham, the lands surrounding Derbyshire seem to outright reject him and do their best to drive Mr. Hess away. Determination will persevere however as Mr. Hess investigates the lights above Golden Wood and a mysterious plague that is effecting the animals of the area. Will he discover the source of the lights? The plague? Or will that mysterious book be his undoing? Find out as Tyler sits down to play English Eerie!

OSW English Eerie: The Beast of the Moor Ep 1

Thomas Hess is an Antiquarian from London that is called upon by an old acquaintance of his, Lord Cunningham. Being indebted to the Lord, Thomas' presence is requested at Lord Cunningham's manor in the countryside around Derbyshire. As soon as Mr. Hess arrives though not all is as it seems. Lord Cunningham is gaunt and borderline mad, and there appears to be some unnatural beast that prowls the moor at nighttime. What could it all mean? Find out as Tyler plays English Eerie!