Unknown Armies

Unknown Armies: Pridemoor House Episode 4

Michael, Thomas, and Edna are slowly feeling their sanity drain away as the appearance of the Judges marks an auspicious turn for our investigators. Having found no clue as to the location of Donna Simms our team is assaulted by the unnatural at every turn, along with an increasing suspicion that the farmstead might not let them leave. Will they be able to escape? Will they find Donna? Give a listen as we sit down to play Unknown Armies: Pridemoor house today!

Unknown Armies: Pridemoor House Episode 3

Michael, Thomas, and Edna have found themselves trapped in the small farmed land and the owners or ...people...living there are none too pleased about it. As they struggle to find an escape they also know that Donna, and her son that has been missing for years now are also trapped inside along with them. Will they be able to escape and bring Donna back with her long lost child or will the denizens of the farmland get to them first? Find out today as we sit down to play Unknown Armies!

Unknown Armies: Pridemoor House Episode 2

After taking part in the search party to find Donna Simms, Michael, Thomas, and Edna quickly find themselves separated from the entirety of the search party. Finding a previously unmarked small settlement the three discover that Donna had made it to this place as well. Hoping to find a phone inside one of the houses the three quickly come to understand that not all is as it seems with this place. What lurks in the shadows for our group? Find out today as we sit down to play Unknown Armies: Pridemoor House!

Unknown Armies: The Pridemoor House

Just in time for Halloween we are sitting down to try out Unknown Armies!


Cranson, WI - A silver Volkswagen Jetta belonging to missing Cranson resident Donna Simms was discovered late Thursday evening, according to the Eagle County sheriff’s department. Rangers in Chequamegon-Nicolet national forest discovered the car abandoned on an unused logging road roughly ten miles outside of town, where Simms was last seen. There was no sign the car had been stolen or broken into, says sheriff Andy Dumer of the ECSD.

Simms, a teacher at Cranson high school, was reported missing on October 24th. She was last seen at Big Jack’s diner on October 23rd around 10 pm. Students told investigators that Simms had been acting strangely prior to her disappearance.

What does this mean for Andrew, Martin and Tristan? Find out today!