Our Heroes


Stürgar Redwater

After the events of Wave Echo Cave Stürgar decided that he and his companion, the goblin Droop, would settle down and make a simple life for themselves on the land that was given to them by the town of Phandalin. Little did he know fate had greater plans for him…


Brevik, who’s real name is Fjalar, is from a far Northern barbarian tribes. His father (who is now a famous dragon slayer) was one of the great heroes of his tribe, who Fjalar could never live up to. After failing his coming of age trial, Fjalar changed his name and set off into the work to make an name of his own, Brevik!


Quarali was born into a village of tieflings. The village itself was squirreled far away from the judgemental eyes of the peoples of the sword coast, and the villagers were fine with that. Quarali always had a gift of hearing the music of the elements, and the village elder had declared she would be a powerful elementalist some day. From the first day she displayed her powers, she was under constant guidance, honing her abilities the best that she could. After her twenty third birthday, terrible dreams began to plague her. Dreams of fire, and gold, and eyes and teeth. She could barely sleep, and so she had an accident which caused some damage to the village. Though no one was hurt, the village elder took the matter seriously. After much deliberation, he told Quarali about a friend of his, Syldar Hallwinter, who could help her discern what her dreams meant. He told her roughly where Phandelin and sent her that direction.


Valian Oakenbow is an high elf that was born in Daggerdale in 1383 DR. The son of an mercenary elven warlord and his cleric wife, he grew up traveling throughout Faerun. His childhood was interrupted by the Spellplague that took his mother, and left alone under the care of a cold, tactical father. As he grew up he became a cleric in his mother’s footsteps, but found the calling of Tempest after his father’s devote worship. Being a warrior in spirit, Valian set off on his own and made his way to the Sword Coast. There he met Arnor who recruited into his mercenary band, called Arnor’s Battlers. Valian’s life grew happy for a short time as the company became the family he needed. Alas though these times would only last a few short years, before the company would take a job guarding a caravan. During the journey a plague like illness infected one of the merchants. Valian volunteered to stay behind to care for the man and to protect him. Unknown to him though this would be the last time he would see his friends alive. The next day the company was ambushed by an unknown force that stripped the caravan of all its wealth and goods. Valian caught up with the survivors a few days later. The caravan was gone, as were most of his companions. Burying their dead, they split paths seeking to find who had caused this. Valian was sent north to Neverwinter.


Peren Moonshadow

Peren Moonshadow, a half elf bard from the City of Baldur’s Gate. Born into poverty, Peren took on the roll as a con man in his youth just to keep himself fed. Later in life the Harpers recognizing his skills and robin hood style attitude recruited him into their marginalization.


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